Sound Therapy

In 2018 Beat It’s CEO and lead practitioner will qualify as a Group Sound Therapy Practitioner with the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST).

The therapeutic aspects of rhythm and sensory sound instruments became noticeable during Beat It Percussion’s regular programmes. This therapeutic effect of rhythm and sound on the brain has been the topic of extensive research.

Through qualifying with BAST Lynn is able to offer an informed specialised approach with bespoke sound therapy group sessions. In addition it is now possible to embed sound therapy techniques and instruments into our existing programmes most notably A Gentle Beat. 

Several applications of sound therapy are of particular relevance to our work:

1. Soundbath relaxation. This is a deeply relaxing experience where people become ‘immersed’ in the sounds of gongs, Himalayan singing bowls and therapeutic percussion instruments. Participants sit or lie back and let the sounds and vibrations flow over them.

2. Soundscape. People work as a group to tell a story in sound. This could be an interpretation of a piece of art or an event. The group works together to create a piece of sound art. The therapeutic aspect is in the communication, co-operative group working, and shared creative process

3 Drum Circle – therapeutic drum and rhythm group. A co-operative group session where we share ice breakers, simple rhythm activities and group rhythm building.  The therapeutic aspect is the communication, co-operation and mutual support within the group, and the deep healing nature of ancient rhythms.