Workshops for Schools

Beat It Percussion

New in 2016, our Drumming World Programme is a ten week fully participatory course for Key Stages 1 & 2 including Special Schools which introduces drums and percussion instruments from around the world. We also provide single sessions selected from our programme, for example an African drumming activity or a Brazilian Carnival activity. 
By the end of this course children will have explored the use of music as a creative medium. They will compare the importance of music in different cultures and traditions and understand the role of the drum in communication.

A recent course of 6 sessions for the 6th formers at Westfield Special School in Leominster formed part of their Performing Arts and Media Studies programme.

Beat It supports curriculum delivery through:

  • Supporting Literacy with emphasis on speaking and listening communication skills
  • Supporting Numeracy as counting and pattern are integral to the activities
  • Flexible – we can work across the school and with different abilities, working with a number of classes during the school day
  • Suitable use for Pupil Premium, as an enrichment activity for harder to reach children
  • Incorporating cultural and citizenship aspects. “…Social and Cultural development… forms part of the descriptor for Outstanding Overall Effectiveness”.(Ofsted Inspection Framework 2014)
  • Ideal for use as a PPA option (supported by TA)
  • Suitable for staff CPD with further staff training as an option if desired.

Beat It provides the national qualification, Arts Award at four levels and specialises in adapting Arts Award for Special School settings. 

Beat It welcomes enquiries from schools.