Drumming together

Beat It Percussion CIC works with older people and those who are living with Dementia in residential and day care settings. Our multi-sensory music workshops incorporate the principles of music therapy and we have a wide range of musical instruments which can be adapted for use by individuals with varying levels of strength and ability. Benefits include:

  • Social Inclusion.Through taking part in drumming activities people contribute to the creative process, feel involved and have fun.
  • Emotional and Cognitive Well Being. Our instruments stimulate reminiscence and conversation. Learning new skills and rediscovering forgotten skills gives people renewed confidence and self-esteem .
  • Physical Well Being. Mobility is key to independence and by motivating people to keep moving we are helping maintain their autonomy.

During 2016 Beat It Percussion CIC is developing its provision for people who are living with dementia across the West Midlands and Wales. Thanks to the support of local community group A Different Beat and other partner organisations, we are now working in Powys with a small Lottery-funded Pilot Project as well as continuing our research and delivering sessions in Herefordshire and  beyond.

‘Older people in research who were actively engaged in musical activities felt that they had greater control over their lives, had more pleasure and felt more cared for than those who did not have access to musical activities’ Dr Maria Varvarigou, New Dynamics of Ageing, Music Making for Older People 2012.

Pilot Project Beat It invites enquiries from nursing and care homes, hospices and respite services.