Intergenerational Work

Beat It uses rhythm to integrate diverse groups in the community.

Read more. Fear and misunderstanding surround the subjects of ageing and dementia in the wider community. Through bringing children and young people into close contact with people in residential care settings this begins to change to acceptance and understanding. We use rhythm, song and socialising to introduce school children to Care Home residents and create events that are uplifting and rewarding for all who participate.

Residents may become isolated within the Home environment and visits from children always bring joy. People who may decline social activities often engage when children are present. Our sessions build in time for conversation and older people enjoy telling the children their stories.

From the children’s perspective this is a hands-on way of learning about everyday aspects of ageing and dementia. We are a dementia-friendly organisation. This is an important part of our work to educate our communities about the specialised needs of those living with dementia and equally importantly their continuing value as individuals in our society.

We welcome enquiries from schools, youth organisations and colleges and settings for older adults who may be interested in inter-generational projects.