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Community Arts

Beat It Percussion works in a range of settings in the community to improve people’s well-being through the medium of rhythm and group working.

Over the last year we have provided sessions in a wide range of settings including: in no particular order. Should we order alphabetically? In order of frequency, importance?

  • Care and Nursing Homes

  • Older Adults Day Care facilities

  • Community centres

  • Theatres and arts centres

  • Colleges

  • Special Schools

  • Social hubs (Special Needs Adults)

  • Autism facilities

  • Museums

  • Libraries

  • Meeting Centres

  • Memory cafes

  • Extra Care housing schemes

  • Hospital clinics

  • Youth clubs (special needs)

  • Children’s Hospice

We work closely with each of our customers and plan bespoke sessions which are tailored to the customer’s desired outcomes. This can mean that we concentrate on confidence-building and leadership activities, listening and concentration skills, inclusion and participation, embedding numeracy and language skills, and cognitive skills and memory building.

Our CEO and lead practitioner has wide experience of working with groups of people who are disadvantaged in the community including people with learning disabilities and extra support needs.

We are building a network of partnerships with organisations in the health and social care sector.  A new priority for 2018-19 will be sharing our skills with others including host organisations and care-givers.

As well as community arts sessions we offer training too. Information can be found on our training page